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You long for intimacy, but you secretly fear it won’t work.

Does sex feel like a chore?
Is your libido out to lunch?
Are you living so much in your head that you feel numb from the neck down?
Have you lost touch with your intuition?

Your Desires feel dangerous, even wrong.
You are afraid to say what you want.
You feel like a failure as a woman.

What you truly desire with all your heart is to feel


To your body

To your lover

To your Self

Sacred Pleasure Sovereign Womb

Is an 8-week deep dive into your sacred female body and womb.
Together in an intimate circle of sisters on the path, you will explore

  • The ways your body is designed for pleasure

  • How to communicate your desires with your partner(s)

  • Being in your body with confidence and belonging

  • Tapping into the ancient wisdom of your womb

  • How to play with your erotic energy as extreme self-care

  • Healing old wounds of repression and unworthiness

  • Clearing and amplifying your energy


When you feel disconnected

from your sexual desire, orgasm, and your womb,
You pay a high price.
Shame and repression sends you into hiding and self-doubt.
You put a dimmer switch on your desire and manifesting.
You miss out intimacy, love, and connection.
You are cut off from the source of power.

When you are plugged in

to your sexuality and orgasm —
You are inspired, radiant, attractive to all you Desire.
You are tuned in, tapped in, turned on to a cosmic force that flows through your womb.
You can hear and feel the voice of Divine, and you have confidence in your capacity to answer the call.
Your brain works better on orgasm!
You feel at home and safe in your body.
You are available for intimacy.

An orgasmic woman is an unstoppable for force for good!



Your Guide on the Journey

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I am Carla Sanders, the Cosmic Crone.

Twenty years ago, I felt broken and defective as a woman. It became the most important thing in my life to heal this "sex problem," and feel whole and confident.

It was a sacred quest.

I found a healer who showed me that I was not broken, I had the power of orgasm within me already.

It is my mission to guide women on this journey. I've helped hundreds of women find their orgasm, their sacred truth, and walk in the joy of their Divine Feminine Power.


Take the next step into your power, Wholeness, sovereignty.

This is truth every woman on the planet needs to know.



Who were women before Patriarchy?

You were goddesses and priestesses.

You were the powerful ones.

You were holy partners with the men and with the Earth.

You were the keepers of life and death.

And you still are.

To carry that power you need to know how to work with your womb as

Cosmic portal.

Pleasure center.


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In Sacred Pleasure Sovereign Womb you will ~

  • learn at least 3 ways to orgasm.

  • learn how to amplify erotic pleasure with your breath

  • learn intimate communication skills - how to ask for what you want

  • begin to trust your body and your self more

  • learn how to tap into the cosmic portal of your womb.

  • learn and practice at least 3 aspects of Womb Centering

    — pleasure, healing, and oracle.

  • receive a group Womb Clearing session

  • learn how to practice“womb energy hygiene” to keep your energy clear and healthy.

  • acquire confidence that you can call upon in any situation

  • enhance your manifesting power (sex and pleasure are manifesting superpowers)

  • and so much more that will come through your unique experience of sacred pleasure



Are you ready to break free

from your inner patriarchy and heal old wounds

so you can Know true intimacy with yourself and your beloved

and live in freedom?



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You'll learn things about female anatomy, your own body, and the power of your innate being that are not usually taught, or even spoken about. I've learned more in the past two months with Carla than I ever imagined. ~AA

Carla’s work enabled me to pursue my true spiritual self, to believe in my artistic talents, and how to be comfortable in my own skin. LD

I feel energized, revitalized, and orgasmic! Each day I feel more confident and more powerful! I am looking younger too! WL

Womb Centering works! I am now more in touch with my wild feminine nature, so I can trust myself more. ~JM

Orgasm is a physical manifestation of our spiritual power and creative flow and almost like a ground wire to this awareness and awakening. I KNOW you've been teaching me this since I met you – but I FELT if for the first time yesterday. Thank you. ~HJ

As a result of my work with Carla, I now have a much greater knowledge of my own body and how it experiences pleasure. I feel so sensually vital and alive! ~MO

I appreciate Carla’s KNOWLEDGE and willingness to "go there" wherever that is. She speaks clearly and with lots of passion on sexuality, orgasm, and pleasure. ~JI



SEVEN 75 minute sessions of teaching and practice ($1000 value)

Group Womb Clearing ($600 value)

Secret Facebook Group for 8 weeks of mentoring and accountability, including live Q and A sessions. ($600 value)

The Power of an intimate Circle of women. (immeasurable)

Including these Three bonuses

BONUS 1: Manifesting with Sex Magic ($297 value)

BONUS 2: Womb Centering Bundle (7 meditations) ($297 value)

BONUS 3: Masterclass on How to talk about Sex with your Partner ($97 value)



Divine Feminine Astrology Reading ($500 value)

When you enroll By September 13

I will gift you a private Divine Feminine Astrology Reading.

Decision is powerful and I honor your decisive action to claim Sacred Pleasure Sovereign Womb. Take the Womb Wisdom work deeper from the beginning with a natal chart reading that reveals the wisdom of the Divine Feminine planets - Lilith, Vesta, Magdalene, Ceres, and many more. This astrology reading is usually reserved for my private clients and I want you to have one too, when you enroll today.

Early Bird Bonus expires at 11:59pm edt on Friday, September 13, 2019.



$497.00 uSD


You don't need a paypal account; you can select your preferred payment method.

After payment you'll be directed to a page to download your pre-work and my calendar link to book your BONUS private session.

Questions? Email carla@cosmiccrone.com.