Divine Feminine Astrology Reading


The first step in healing is awareness. A Divine Feminine Astrology Reading researches the Goddess Archetypes present in your birth chart and gives you insight into your Divine Feminine Purpose, and how that impacts your relationship, sex life, money, career, and health. You will discover your powers, your resources, and where you get stuck, and where you need to take action. All my private clients and intiates receive a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading at the beginning of our work together. I make a limited number of readings available each month to people who want to experience my work and this unique Divine Feminine approach to astrolgy.

Do you ever feel uncertain, stuck, numb, or frozen when it comes to your purpose, your sex life, your relationships, your money, your health, and your next step towards your destiny?

While there is no map to the buried treasure of your destiny, there are signs, when you know how to read them.

The Divine Feminine Astrology Reading with Diva Carla is a private healing session that works with the placement of the Divine Feminine Archetypes in your birth chart to show you insights about your Divine Feminine Purpose, and how that impacts your relationship, sex life, money, career, and health.

FIVE Compelling Reasons to get a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading Now

You will:

1. Discover how the Goddess Archetypes in your personal astrology have provided guidance, protection, and challenges since you were born.

2. Get clarity on your mission and purpose in life now.

3. Get a handle on your obstacles, blocks, and fears, because your power lies on the other side of all that!

4. Find your next action steps into the life you desire.

5. Line up the resources that will help you meet the opportunities and challenges of the coming year.

The reading tells a story about your life inspired by Goddess Archetypes of the Zodiac. You will discover your powers, your resources, where you get stuck, and how you can get yourself unstuck, so you can step into the next phase of your life with confidence.

The Goddess Archetypes illuminate aspects of life questions that the traditional planets don't quite satisfy. They reveal insights into your sexuality, your spiritual path, your reason for being on the planet, and your true gifts.

My private clients always begin their Womb Wisdom Initiations with a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading. It's a powerful way to begin your journey of reclaiming your Divine Feminine Power.

The thought of getting my birth chart done had never crossed my mind previously but something about a post Carla wrote on a Facebook group intrigued me. I contacted Carla and after a short exchange of emails I had my reading. Right from the first couple of minutes, pennies were dropping for me. Feelings and intuitions I had previously had became tangible reality. My reading immediately confirmed for me I am on the right path in my life and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and believe in myself like never before. It has been a couple of months since my reading and as times goes by it resonates more and more with my life, integration of the information continues as things Carla told me unfold.
— Louise
Thank you for the DFAR! It was powerful to revisit my natal chart with the addition of all this divine feminine + stellar guidance. It opened my heart, and eyes to more of the support that I can draw upon. I love your story telling, and patience. The reading brought up realizations of what needs to be accepted, and integrated for my sacred work in the world. After following your work, and being connected over four years, I look forward to sharing more together as the years present themselves! Blessings all ways DIVA!
— Brandie K
It was so epic & awesome. Carla Sanders is so full of wisdom and as someone who doesn’t understand all the specifics of astrology yet, I really loved how she explained the planets & houses in a relatable way. I came away with a new understanding of my strengths and so much clarity about my purpose, with clear guidance/action steps I can follow moving forward. So worth the time and money!!
— Brianna
Your reading was so inspirational. Sure needed that during this time.
— Janel
I had no idea that so much was going on in my 6th house, but this explanation has aided my work in seeing my body as the temple of the priestess. I now have a better understanding of my wild feminine nature and which aspects balance that part of me, so I feel that I can trust myself more. Moving forward, I’m inspired to look at areas where I’ve been overly disciplined or self-critical. I can feel a greater sense of flow and ease that is being reflected in my work and all areas of my life.
— Jen M

The Divine Feminine Reading includes:

– A 60 minute phone consultation with Diva Carla to explain your chart and answer questions.

– A recording of the phone reading that you can listen to again and again.

– 30 days of email access to answer questions that arise as the reading settles

– Copies of 2 versions of your natal chart

You have within you tools and clues to break the code so you can find your own trail and create your own map to your destiny. Diva Carla is your witness and the one who lifts the veil so you can see the mysteries and secrets that have been hidden until now. In this reading you will be witnessed, seen, and heard as you discover new threads and old connections that will help you move forward in your life with grace, authenticity, and depth.

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