If Jesus was born in Europe

From an article originally written Easter Sunday, 2011. It is more true today, as women are remembering how it was to be a woman before patriarchy.

Today is the sacred day the Christians call Easter. It is the most holy day of the Christian religion. Yesterday I participated in an Easter Vigil at the local Episcopal Church. I was invited to witness my young friend's baptism ceremony. In sharing the family's joy, in feeling the congregation's reverence and celebration, in raising my own voice in song, and absorbing the traditional beauty of the stained glass windows, candles, Easter lilies and vestments, and finally in participating in the sacrament of Holy Communion, receiving the Body and Blood of Christ into my own body--in all this I felt anew the eroticism and orgasmic alchemy at the root and core of all spiritual traditions. Today I celebrate with you the eternal Christ Consciousness living in each one of us.

The Sacredness of Sex

In pre-Christianized Europe, this spring festival time was dedicated to the Goddess of Renewal, Ostara. It is from her name that the word Easter derives, as well as the word East, the direction of the rising sun. She is the shining one, the goddess that brings renewal, rebirth, fertility and abundance. Many of her symbols--eggs, the rabbit, flowers, sweets--are incorporated into the Christian festival which co-opted her name.

Our ancient ancestors knew that life and fertility of the soil, the animals, the people was all about sex. Many of the festivals celebrated sex, often in a ritualized way, with a man and woman, or priest and priestess, representing the god and goddess energy in sacred union. All the people were invited to celebrate and ensure life's fertility with erotic joy, union, and freedom. It drove the first Christian missionaries crazy, and they put a stop to it. It was bloody and brutal, and the human race still suffers from the loss of our erotic connection to the earth and to Divine.

Galaxy Waiting by Carla Sanders An image of Ostara, fertile and ready to give birth..

Galaxy Waiting by Carla Sanders An image of Ostara, fertile and ready to give birth..

In spite of fierce attempts to stamp it out, the erotic found its voice in devotional ecstasy. You can't stop orgasm.  The Great Rite of the God and Goddess, which every loving couple--and solo self-lover--enacts with each orgasm, is a fire in our collective consciousness. We continually respond to the truth of Life that Divine's love for us is Erotic.

Today, in celebration of this divinely erotic festival of rebirth and renewal, do as Jesus would do, had he been born in Europe instead of Palestine:
Dance naked under Sun, or rain, or stars. Eat chocolate from your lover's body, not your hand. Make an offering to Earth's fertility in your private self-Love ritual, and if you have a loved one nearby, invite him or her to join you in a personal re-enactment of Holy Communion in its original energy.

If you are celebrating a traditional family Easter with an egg hunt for the kids and ham or lamb for the feast, know that these traditions are rooted in a spiritual way many thousands of years old. Feel the sensual pleasure of food, fun, springtime and good company. Take off your shoes and at least let your naked feet feel the earth for a while. Later, when the feast is over, and the kids are asleep, then you can share your private Holy Communion and give your prayer of sacred s ex to the earth and cosmos.

Remember the Ecstasy

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila by Bernini

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila by Bernini

Beloved Ones, I would have you see yourself as God sees you, bright and shining and magnificent as the Dawn and Springtime. We are all Divine Incarnate. Look into the mirror and see Divine gazing lovingly from your own eyes.

Happy Feast Day of Rebirth and Renewal!

Carla Sanders