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“As a result of my work with Diva Carla, I now have a much greater knowledge of my own body and how it experiences pleasure. I feel so sensually vital and alive! I truly have an awareness of the power of the Divine Feminine acting in me through the expression of my sexuality. I feel the channeling of erotic energy to open all of my chakras. Now my sexuality is a deeply integrated part of my spirituality. My partner and I create deliberate ritual and intention around love-making.
— Mary
The thought of getting my birth chart done had never crossed my mind previously but something about a post Carla wrote on a Facebook group intrigued me. I contacted Carla and after a short exchange of emails I had my reading. Right from the first couple of minutes, pennies were dropping for me. Feelings and intuitions I had previously had became tangible reality. My reading immediately confirmed for me I am on the right path in my life and has given me the confidence to pursue my dreams and believe in myself like never before. It has been a couple of months since my reading and as times goes by it resonates more and more with my life, integration of the information continues as things Carla told me unfold.
— Louise
Before working with Carla, I didn’t realize how much hurt and trauma a woman can carry in her womb. Though I had been immersed in Goddess spirituality for a couple of decades, nothing I had studied truly addressed the womb as an energetic center or portal.

I felt completely stuck in my life on every level—emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and financially. I couldn’t name the source of my apathy and frustration, and I certainly didn’t know how to clear it out. Carla introduced me to a life-changing practice called Womb Centering, which put me back in touch with my womb as an ally and direct connection with the Goddess.

It was a new practice for me, and at the same time, it felt ancient and rooted in the Divine Feminine teachings so many of us missed out on in this modern age.

Three years later, I still use Womb Centering to shift negative patterns and to receive the guidance I need to keep growing and embracing my life’s purpose as a healer and spiritual writer. I’m not sleepwalking through my life anymore, and my energetic boundaries are strong and clear.

Carla’s Divine Feminine astrology readings have also been wonderfully insightful and instrumental during times of transition when I needed that extra dose of cosmic clarity. Her focus on the Goddess figures of the Zodiac felt so much more affirming and balanced than just having a typical natal chart analysis.

Some teachers come into your life at exactly the right time and place to help you get off the side trail and onto the main path again. I have never doubted that Carla is one of those extraordinary teachers for me, and I’m immensely grateful for her presence in my life and all the ways she continues to share her gifts and her radiant spirit with the world.
— Jen Miller
Thank you for the DFAR! It was powerful to revisit my natal chart with the addition of all this divine feminine + stellar guidance. It opened my heart, and eyes to more of the support that I can draw upon. I love your story telling, and patience. The reading brought up realizations of what needs to be accepted, and integrated for my sacred work in the world. After following your work, and being connected over four years, I look forward to sharing more together as the years present themselves! Blessings all ways DIVA!
— Brandi
I came into the work with Diva Carla because I wanted to access and work with the Dark
Goddess - divine keeper of the feminine unconscious, holder of the Shadow - more fully and
creatively, with a great emphasis on my own erotic nature. The first two-thirds of my life seem to
have been about needing to cover up this aspect of myself; the last third has been about
excavation, and last year I found myself pretty much blocked. I felt this resistance inside and it
was reflected in a lack of creativity, vitality and interrelatedness in my life. I approached Diva
Carla when the call of the Goddess was too loud to ignore any more; I wanted to follow her
exhortation to break free.

Through my initiation, I have received:
- A clear sense of purpose and direction
- A clearing of some entrenched blocks around my erotic nature and my femininity
A deeper connection to spirit and to my sense of Self

Diva Carla’s care, compassion, insight and directness helped me to steer myself through some
pretty choppy - at times rough - seas as things began to surface inside me and in my life. The
three-day initiation in the States was the pinnacle of the work, and I felt such a huge shift in my
understanding of who I am and what I am here to do that I am now making some much-needed
changes that feel more aligned with who I am, and which hold more integrity.

Since starting the program, I discovered my purpose, which was something I had either denied or
never believed I could fully own until now. The result is a change in professional direction, most
definitely a change in how I express myself - and this has changed the nature of my relationships
in the most expanded sense. I anticipate continuing my own personal development to reflect this,
and I can see the growth from the seeds planted in my love life and my spiritual life, both of
which are showing up with more depth and colour. I see a way to honour my past while not
identifying with it. I now understand that my ideas of freedom needed to have their limits
smashed and transcended.
— Sarah Taylor
It was so epic & awesome. Carla Sanders is so full of wisdom and as someone who doesn’t understand all the specifics of astrology yet, I really loved how she explained the planets & houses in a relatable way. I came away with a new understanding of my strengths and so much clarity about my purpose, with clear guidance/action steps I can follow moving forward. So worth the time and money!!
— Brianna
Diva Carla has taught me how to access MY Divine feminine purpose, wisdom and beauty, which I had always felt was to be found outside of myself. With her creative healing sessions, I have come to learn with great joy that I had the power all along!

I am excited and amazed as I have learned the techniques and tools to answer the questions I have for myself. I experience the deepest of pleasure, and more orgasmic energy than ever before. I am learning use that energy to create more fulfilling life experiences, while learning
more deeply of myself, loving more deeply of myself, and seeing the beauty that is me.
I feel more alive, yummy and juicy than ever. At 57 I am just getting started. I am now multi-orgasmic, experiencing full g-spot ejaculatory orgasms which leave me feeling in awe.
— Wendy

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