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The first step in healing is awareness. A Divine Feminine Astrology Reading researches the Goddess Archetypes present in your birth chart and gives you insight into your Divine Feminine Purpose, and how that impacts your relationship, sex life, money, career, and health. You will discover your powers, your resources, and where you get stuck, and where you need to take action.

All my private clients and initiates receive a Divine Feminine Astrology Reading at the beginning of our work together. I make a limited number of readings available each month to people who want to experience my work and this unique Divine Feminine approach to astrology.


Do you want more pleasure in your life? Do you want to feel feminine, desired, cherished, and orgasmic? Do you want the sex life of your dreams?

Do you feel cut off from your femininity, the deep-rooted, earthy, fiery, watery soul of yourself? You feel detached from your intuition, creativity, and Power?

One of the greatest gifts of being a woman is our feminine sexuality: subtle, spiritual, and deep. It is refreshing and nurturing. It arises from within you as pleasure, orgasm, creativity, life force! As a woman in the modern world, you have probably been denied.


It could be the fiery forties, or it could be the Goddess calling you. You have to answer this call: Learn, Grow, Be, Know! She will not let you alone! You've had a vision and she will not let you alone! You must bring this Vision into the world but it is so different, even scary, because it is new and you can't see the whole thing.

Yes, you are a woman in mid-life – your Power Time! You have gifts you haven't birthed, power you haven't tapped. You have a scary feeling that something has to die so that the life you are meant to have can be born.

And it scares the shit out of you!