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I am here to help you give birth to what is ready to live, release what is ready to die, and speak your truth - because the world needs your magnificence, and you don’t have another minute to waste in pain.





Something great is calling you, but you can't pause to listen. You can't get traction on your dreams because the demands of others are sucking you dry.

You are fed up and you are not going to settle anymore! You refuse to die with your truth unborn inside of you! If you feel yourself in these words, then you are in the right place! Shedding your old self so that you can express your true self is not a journey to take alone.

It can feel like a death, one that always comes before new BIRTH!

Death and Birth are initiations. You require a guide, mentor, and elder to see you through the transformation. I am your guide.


I invite you to step into the
temple of your Self, and see
what revelations await you!