Cosmic Crone Initiation
and Apprenticeship

Leadership through Divine Feminine Power and Pleasure

Deep inside, you hear the call of your Soul to Greatness, and you long to believe it is possible.

This is the most amazing time of your life!

I know you may not feel that way now. You've been through hell the past few years, and you feel exhausted from giving, giving, giving your whole life.

Coming of age in the Seventies, you believed the promises of the times:

• you could make it in any field of your choice,
• you could have free love and liberated sex,
• you could have it all, career and family, that you could change the world, and the world was getting better, more evolved.

Instead, you feel in limbo after storms of life turned you inside out. You've made compromises so you could care for the ones you love. You want the people you love to be happy and fulfilled, yet you feel worn out by taking care of them. Career + family = a constant battle against misogyny, overwork, and exhaustion. Sex has been disappointing, and you wonder if something is wrong with you. Your body has betrayed you, with illness, fatigue, sagging. Ugh. You've settled for what others thought you should do with your life. forgetting to believe in your dreams along the way. After all that sacrifice and compromise, you feel frozen and stuck because

Divorce happens.
Cancer happens.
Death happens.
Careers end.
Children grow up.

Your life turned upside down, and you survived.

You choose to see this turmoil and change as an opening to transformation, but you are not sure how to get there. As you face forward into the rest of your life, you are ready to make some decisions about what really matters to you.What you want more than anything is intimacy with yourself. To know who you are at your root, and to love yourself unconditionally.

You want to break the chains of shame, repression, failure, and not enough that are your legacy from your family of origin. You want to do your sacred work and make an abundant living with it. You want to leave your legacy of purpose, possibility, and freedom. You want the children to inherit a peaceful, beautiful world that is healthy and safe to live in. You see glimmers of a big vision on the horizon, and you know it is bigger than anything you have created before. You want to know your life matters. That you will not die with your song stuck inside you! And dammit, you'd love some epic orgasms before you die!

As you stand of this threshold, you fear it might be too late for you. And you sure as hell want it to be easy, and you don't want to do it all alone.


Beloved woman, I am so excited for you right now! I have been where you stand, and having come through it myself, I can see the wonder that lies ahead for you. I want you to know that all the power, energy, orgasmic pleasure, connection, and guidance you need is inside you.

  • You are not broken, you are golden.

  • You are not too old, and it is not too late.

  • You are right on time.

The very thing that makes you feel like you are not enough, that you are failing, self-sabotaging, broken, or too late and too old

This is where you shine. All that you have come through has prepared you to be the Queen, the Empress of your life, the powerful Crone, The healer, mentor, teacher, and lover you are meant to be. That's what brought you here now, to the Cosmic Crone Initiation and Apprenticeship. You seek guidance on the path to your destiny, and I can guide you. You don't have to do it alone.

I am Diva Carla, Cosmic Crone.

I walk with you as you heal your lineage,

reveal your gifts,

craft your legacy,

step into your power.

I will show you how to love yourself deeply and practice the art of replenishment so you always give from an overflowing cup.

I will teach you how to access the power of your womb for guidance, truth, orgasm, and wealth. Yes, it's all there for you.

And I will guide you on the path of initiation where you kill what is ready to die, so you can give birth to what it ready to live, and speak your truth.

The world is waiting for your magnificence and you don't have another minute to waste in pain.

Step over the threshold into the Cosmic Crone Initiation and Apprenticeship: Leadership through Divine Feminine Power and Pleasure.

Your Invitation

I invite you to a 13 month private mentorship in Sacred sexuality and womb mysteries for women. It is for women in between their Chiron Return (50) and their Second Saturn (59) – give or take five years.

Why? Because the world will be saved by the Crones, the Grandmothers, and there is an urgent need in these troubled times for wise women prepared to be teachers, healers, leaders, and mentors in the Divine Feminine Mysteries.

Why You?

  • Because you have been through the fires of life and you have the wisdom and experience to lead and mentor younger women, men, youth, and communities.

  • Because you have a destiny that has been pulling you forward through every life passage, failure, success, and side road, and now is your time.

  • Because you have been called by your Soul to heal your lineage and change the future of your family

  • Because you have decided to heal the shame, the wounds, the patterns that have kept you from fulfilling your life's passion up to now.

  • Because you are ready to explore the depths of your erotic creative power beyond sex and relationships.

  • Because you aspire to embrace wealth and financial freedom by doing meaningful work you love,

  • Because you ready to give voice to the secrets, the truth, the power and you will not hide anymore.

  • Because you will not go gentle into aging, silent and invisible. Your light burns too brightly for that.

  • Because you are ready to acquire and practice the skills, tools and knowledge of the Crone to heal your own life so you can channel universal wisdom into your community, your mission, and your purpose.

  • Because you want to live the rest of your life in the fullness of your power as a woman.

It is change the world time. It is time to meet the Cosmic Crone within and embrace this powerful aspect of yourself.

The Sacred Container

A summary of the Cosmic Crone Initiation and Apprenticeship into Leadership through Divine Feminine Power and Pleasure

Part 1: The sexual energy of the Crone

This first quarter of the container is the initiation into womanhood you missed as a young person. The difference is that your wise self knows what is coming next, so you initiate your inner maiden with 100% awareness and self-responsibility.

We begin with three months of sexual healing work, education, and practice so that you can

  • Release and clear unconscious and stuck beliefs, and experiences about your sexual history that have been sapping your energy and self-esteem.

  • Release and clear shame about your body, sexuality, and past experience that have made you doubt your worth as a woman and blocked your pleasure.

  • Adore your sensual, sexual, and erotic pleasure in your body as you are now because your sexuality and pleasure grows deeper, stronger, and more meaningful the longer you live.

All of this will allow you to go deeper so you can. Use pleasure to replenish your power and refill your cup. Access wisdom, truth, and guidance through your womb. Make the womb/voice connection so that you can speak your truth clearly. Work with your womb chakra to receive more money, appreciation, love, and opportunities.

This opening level of the initiation prepares you for the next level of Descent and Return. We will meet in person for a retreat and vision quest to prepare you for the next stage of initiation.

The Crone Initiation

Part 2. Descent to the Wild Hag

Every Crone comes to terms with Baba Yaga, the Wild Hag within.

During this Descent you will confront your lineage, your ancestors, your ghosts, and the beliefs about money, worth, women, and power they bequeathed you.

Clear the residue of trauma you carry from your own life, your lineage and culture that have held you back from expressing your gifts and realizing your dreams.

Through descent you free yourself from the past, and gather new gifts and new guides to bring to life.

The Dark Goddess will help you kill what is ready to die for she is also the midwife what what is ready to be born in you.

Now you are prepared for the Ascent.

Part 3. Ascent to your Power

You ascend from the Underworld of the Dark Goddess and return to the world of Light. This is the most challenging part of Initiation, for you are a changed woman and the world fears the changed woman.

Step by step, you acquire and practice the skills, tools, and knowledge of the Crone. You uncover and polish your gifts to share with the world.

You will expand and refine your Crone orgasmic power that you initiated in Part 1, and learn how to work with your sexual energy to gather your strength and the confidence as a woman of power.

You now possess the mystery of the Cosmic Crone. You have given birth to what is ready to live.

Apprenticeship and Service

Part 4: Leadership in Community

The purpose of initiation is to bring your gifts back to the community. All transformation must be embodied in the physical world to be real. Action is required of you.

You will begin to teach what you have learned and integrate your new life into your sacred work in the world. As you step forward in leadership, I will be your mentor, witness, and sounding board.

The Investment

The Cosmic Crone Initiation and Apprenticeship into Leadership through Divine Feminine Power and Pleasure represents a considerable investment of time, energy, devotion, and finances. This is not the right path for every woman.

It is for women who feel the call to a big vision, a world-changing purpose, and spiritual leadership.

The financial investment is $50,000.00 USD. A deposit of $5000.00 USD holds your space. Payment plans are available.

The time and energy investment requires attending quarterly retreats with Diva Carla for ceremony, process experiences, and replenishment. In addition you will have opportunities to participate with other women and men in ceremony around the United States. These retreats require travel to locations in the U.S. and possibly other countries.

You must have a valid passport and the means to travel.

The Devotion Investment requires a commitment to growing into the most powerful, divine feminine, sexually empowered, and wealthy version of yourself.

Are you willing?

Please click below to complete the application and schedule your interview to determine if Cosmic Crone Initiation is your next step.