Desire is the voice of Divine calling you.

Destiny is your Soul answering YES!

Too long the call of Divine has been drowned out by voices
— telling you that you are TOO MUCH, TOO BIG, and NOT ENOUGH. (confusing, yes?)
— calling for you to meet their needs and expecting you to take care of them
— shaping you to doubt your own desire, your inner truth, to question yourself

Ultimately leaving you to wonder
Do you have a purpose?
Are you sovereign in your own life?
Do you even matter?
Will you ever have the life you desire and deserve?

Can you hear the call?

Can you find your voice to answer?

You know.

But your knowing is buried under layers of armor, safety, and habit to protect you from fear.

You were born with a map.

— a goddess-eye view of your life, your powers, your challenges, your gifts, your resources for growth and achievement.

chart quarter.png

The Desire and Destiny Intensive lays out your map so you can see clearly.

It is unlike any other astrology reading because we focus on the guidance the goddess planets laid out for you at the time of your birth.

We ask and answer the questions:

Where is the Divine Feminine guiding you through the voice and feeling of your desire?
What are your true gifts to share with the world?
How does your sexuality express as a resource for your Divine Feminine Power?
Where are the ancients wounds of your lineage, and how do you heal these once and for all?
What is calling to you from the depths of the goddess, and how do you follow?

We get to this truth through your Divine Feminine Natal Chart, and follow the signs deeper in two more sessions to empower you to use the information revealed to your highest purpose and healing.

The Program

SESSION ONE: We begin with a Divine Feminine Astrology Session to discover your powers and resources inspired

by Goddess Archetypes of the Zodiac. They reveal insights into your sexuality, your spiritual path, your

reason for being on the planet, and your true gifts.

SESSION TWO: Then we take that information and dive deeper into your unconscious mind, and disempowering beliefs

and patterns so you can see your next steps to get unstuck and move through the changes

SESSION THREE: We draft a plan of action so you can step into the next phase of your life boldly, with confidence, using the tools (or I like to say - JEWELS) of your power: sex, wealth, and voice.

We do it in 3 phone sessions over 30 days, so you have time for integration in between.

*** You will receive recordings of each call so you can dive deeper and uncover more layers with time.

Desire and Destiny Intensive will guide and support you throughout your life.

It is a resource for

- listening to your Soul self,

- remembering your Desire, and

- uncovering the reasons why you don't have it yet.

(You can't change what you are not aware of.)

Desire & Destiny Intensive is only $497.00

Most women come to the urgency of Desire and Destiny in Midlife.

You are right on time.

Click the button to Say Yes.



Questions? Email me at carla@cosmiccrone.com, and we'll make a time to chat.