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Creative. Erotic. Oracle. Healer.


It is time to remember.

What was it like to be a woman who lived pre-patriarchy,

When god was also a woman,

When women were the regenerative force of the Universe,

unchained, respected, revered, and honored?

Can we really know?

We can Remember and Reclaim

Sacred Pleasure: Sovereign Womb.

The doors are now open to an immersion in the fundamental Tools and Practices that will exercise your Sovereignty and tap into your deep feminine power.

To live in your Sovereignty, you must:

Remember the sacred power of the erotic that is woven into your woman's body.

Remember how to access the wisdom and knowing within your womb.

In Sacred Pleasure Sovereign Womb you will learn and practice skills that support you to

  • Know your inner truth without question or apology.

  • Increase the amount of pleasure you can experience in your life

  • Speak your truth, because your voice matters – to you and to the world.

  • Walk with your Fear, and never let it stop you.

  • Feed your power with your pleasure.

  • Experience sex as your sacred replenishing power source.

  • Learn the sacred rite of Womb Centering, and the ways you can work with it for

  • Healing, Insight, Guidance, Pleasure, and Manifesting.

And most powerfully~

  • Cultivate your inner space to receive what you require to be a sovereign woman.

This includes Pleasure, Respect, Space, Money, and Support in all its forms.

Who were women before Patriarchy?

We were goddesses and priestesses.

We were the ones who knew, the ones who decided.

We were holy partners with the men and with the Earth.

We were the keepers of life and death.

And we still are.

To hold that power we need to know how to work with our womb power.

The womb as cosmic portal.

The womb as pleasure center.

The womb as Oracle.

Take the next step into your power, your sovereignty.

Sacred Pleasure: Sovereign Womb is a 8 week immersion in Womb Wisdom for a small group of women.

You get to explore and practice in a concentrated container of healing, learning, and practice.

This is truth every woman on the planet needs to know and use.

This is a beginning – the step before full Initiation.

In the container of Sacred Pleasure: Sovereign Womb ~

  • You will learn about your female body, energy, and pleasure.

  • You will learn the spiritual aspects of your womb space.

  • You will learn and practice Womb Centering and track how it is working in your life.

  • You will learn about the Womb as a metaphysical space of “carrying.”

  • You will learn how to practice “womb energy hygiene” to keep your energy

    clear and healthy.

  • You will learn how to work with the sacred feminine energy of your pelvis.

  • You will learn how to tap into the power of this sacred cauldron.

What Women are saying:

  • You'll learn things about female anatomy, your own body, and the power of your innate

being that are not usually taught, or even spoken about. I've learned more in the past

two months with Carla than I ever imagined. ~AA

  • Carla’s work enabled me to pursue my true spiritual self, to believe in my artistic talents,

and how to be comfortable in my own skin. LD

  • I feel energized, revitalized, and orgasmic! Each day I feel more confident and more

powerful! I am looking younger too! WL

  • Womb Centering works! I am now more in touch with my wild feminine nature, so I can trust myself more. ~JM

  • I appreciate Carla’s KNOWLEDGE and willingness to "go there" wherever that is. She

speaks clearly and with lots of passion on sexuality, orgasm, and pleasure. ~JI

  • As a result of my work with Carla, I now have a much greater knowledge of my own body

and how it experiences pleasure. I feel so sensually vital and alive! ~MO

  • Orgasm is a physical manifestation of our spiritual power and creative flow and almost

like a ground wire to this awareness and awakening. I KNOW you've been teaching me this

since I met you – but I FELT if for the first time yesterday. Thank you. ~HJ

Sacred Pleasure Sovereign Womb includes:

Womb Centering – 6 weeks of teaching and practice ($1000 value)

Sacred Pleasure Workshop – one session webinar style ($500 value)

Group Womb Clearing ($600 value)

Secret Facebook Group for 8 weeks of teaching, practice, and mentoring. ($600 value)

The Power of an intimate Circle of women. (immeasurable)


BONUS 1: Manifesting with Sex Magic ($297 value)

BONUS 2: Womb Centering Bundle (7 meditations) ($297 value)

We meet online for 7 weeks + the Womb Clearing session July 17 – September 4.

YOUR INVESTMENT for the entire program is

$500.00 uSD

Enroll now

Do you desire more pleasure, satisfaction, and feeling good? Healing old wounds? Instant access to your inner power and wisdom whenever you need it?

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Sacred Pleasure: Sovereign Womb


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