Womb Wisdom


Do you want more pleasure in your life? Do you want to feel feminine, desired, cherished, and orgasmic? Do you want the sex life of your dreams?

Do you feel cut off from your femininity, the deep-rooted, earthy, fiery, watery soul of yourself? You feel detached from your intuition, creativity, and Power?

One of the greatest gifts of being a woman is our feminine sexuality: subtle, spiritual, and deep. It is refreshing and nurturing. It arises from within you as pleasure, orgasm, creativity, life force!

As a woman in the modern world, you have probably been denied .....

Life can crack you Open.

divorce, death, illness, career upheaval, empty nest –

can turn your world upside down.

When you find yourself in the midst of a big life transition —

is life slamming doors in your face?

or is life calling you to step into your GREATNESS?

Beautiful woman!

  • You know you are meant for a greater purpose..

  • You hear the call of your Soul to live joyfully and powerfully by following your Desire.

  • You want to be fulfilled, whole, and orgasmic.

Yet this yearning in your heart and belly goes unanswered. Your desires are drowned out by a chorus of voices saying:

Why can't you be grateful for what you have?

Stop wanting more.

Silence the longing between your legs.

Don't be greedy!

And your own voice chimes in:

I am unworthy.

I am not enough.

There must be something wrong with me.

It's too late.

Your Soul's music has been replaced by the numbing, shaming insults of the Patriarchy that say:

You have no right to power.

Your sexual pleasure is dangerous.

You are less than a man.

Be silent!

Hide yourself!

You are experiencing the pain of the Feminine Wound the ache of the disowned feminine longing for you to reclaim her.
Now you are ready to come out of hiding – ready to reclaim your disowned feminine Soul! And yet~ You know there is healing to do in order to claim the promise of your feminine power. There is a Journey between the life you have now, and the life that is calling you. This is the journey to your Divine Feminine Power. This is the journey that liberates your erotic wild feminine self.

This is the journey of healing the feminine wound.

How does the Feminine Wound show up in your life?

It may show up in one or more of these ways:

  • You have difficulty experiencing orgasm, desire, or pleasure.

  • You feel invisible and voiceless, and you want to be seen and heard.

  • Your life has been turned on its head, and you don't know your next step.

  • You don't really know your life purpose, or what your gifts are.

  • You want MORE, you have always wanted MORE, but you have settled for less.

  • You don't really know what you want at all, because you always put other people first.

  • You wonder if it is too late, or if you are too old to go after what you want (if you only knew what it was.)

  • You are at a roadblock in your life because old wounds around sexuality have come up.

  • You feel the stirrings of the Divine Feminine calling you, and you don't know how to answer!

All these symptoms of self-denial, self-doubt, and self-criticism take a toll on your health, finances, relationships, and joy!


More important ~Are you ready to STEP THROUGH THIS CONFUSION

TO THE MAGNIFICENCE on the other side?

Beautiful woman, You matter.

Now is the time for you to live in your power, heal the feminine wound you've carried in your slumbering, numbed out womb, and awaken the joy, desire, and passion that is your birthright. How do you overcome your conditioning, fears, and belief in your limitation so you can:

Express your Soul's purpose,

Manifest the new life you desire,

Love yourself without judgment,

Heal the wounds you carry inside,

Awaken your sensual pleasure,

Release your orgasmic energy,

Unleash the power of your voice,

Unveil the radiance of your heart.


Womb Wisdom Initiation is the initiation into womanhood that you missed out on in your youth.

Now you can receive this initiation with the perspective of the experience and wisdom you have gained in a lifetime.

Womb Wisdom Initiation will guide you on the first stage of living in possession of your sexual energy as your Divine Feminine power source.

It begins with sexual healing.


If you are numb, blocked, or stuffing down your erotic and creative energy in your womb, If your womb is clogged with the pain of old wounds, If your womb is armored to protect you from feeling shame –Then your capacity to FEEL, CREATE, and ATTRACT, is diminished. Your capacity to RECEIVE love, money, pleasure, and success is limited.

To reclaim your Divine Feminine Power and heal the feminine wound, it is necessary for you to fire up your inner power source – your sexual energy. I invite you to join me for Womb Wisdom Initiation so you can ~

  • Liberate your sacred wild woman.

  • Reclaim your birthright to live as a turned-on woman!

  • Get to know yourself, your body, your energy in a new and bigger way.

  • Expand your horizons about your sexuality and what is possible for you.

  • Access your creative, magnetic, and attraction power.

  • Reveal your womb as oracle and divine guide to your mission and purpose.

In Womb Wisdom Initiation you will

  • Rewrite your own history from the perspective of the Goddess who has always lived embodied in you.

  • Know your body as the sacred temple of the Divine Feminine, whole and holy just as you are.

  • Learn how your female body works sexually, at your stage of life, because you evolve sexually throughout your life.

  • Tap into your orgasmic energy as healer, lover, and visionary.

  • Clear old wounds and toxic energy from your ancestors, former lifetimes, and past lovers that you have carried for many years.

  • Discover your womb as oracle and resource of sacred guidance, so you can be clear on your purpose, mission, and the path you will follow.

  • Begin to dismantle the Patriarchy you have internalized through its toxic manipulation of your Feminine Energy.

The Womb Wisdom Initiation climaxes with an in person retreat where you will experience a shamanic revirgination ceremony, a celebration of your greatness, and consecration of your purpose. We include sensual fun, feasts, and frolics in a gorgeous natural setting near the coast of Maine.

If you are like most women born under patriarchy, you've spent yourself giving until you are depleted.

In Awaken Womb Wisdom, you learn the ancient wisdom and teachings to replenish your well with your sexual energy, and give only from your overflow.


Initiation Guides You On A Deep Journey Through The Shadows, Teaches You How To Draw Power From The Deep Places In Yourself, And How To Share Your Gifts With the World.

Life has brought you to this point, where you know it is time to kill what is ready to die, because you have to give birth to what is ready to live.

What is ready to live is YOU, whole and possessed of yourself, in your power, overflowing with love, passion, desire, and vision.


The world has been waiting for your magnificence to shine.

You have great work, epic love, and wealth beyond imagining ahead of you.

A woman in command of her own sexual energy is magnetic, visible, powerful and unstoppable.

Remember how to be that woman!

Say Yes to Awaken Womb Wisdom.

Awaken Womb Wisdom Initiation requires an application and conversation with Diva Carla.

Submit your application here.
Diva Carla or her assistant will be in touch to schedule the interview.