All Things Venus Will Save the World

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"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." ~ Jimi Hendrix

Jimi could have been talking about the United States government shutdown. All over the world, modern versions of gods and titans battle for power without regard for the consequences to life, to nature, and to people. What can we do to save ourselves and the earth? What is our powerful and effective response to the entities who love power without understanding the Power of Love?

Let me tell you a story.

When the world was young, the gods of Mt. Olympus fought the Titans for control of the Earth. The most terrible of the Titans was the monster Typhon. Typhon and Zeus fought a raging battle that threatened to destroy the whole Earth. Typon came with roaring wind, and Zeus with his terrifying thunderbolts. They frightened Venus, the Goddess of Love, who was playing on the beach with her son, Eros. As the battling monster and god came near, Venus made a bond of Love to tie Eros to her, and dove with him into the deep ocean, away from the tumult. They were turned into fish, or dolphins, the Pisces, and remained safe in the ocean depths bonded by Love. By this act of surrender to Love, the battle of the Titans ceased, and the world was spared from destruction.

The myth describes how Venus neutralized the violence by behaving true to her nature in a non-violent act of cosmic dimension. She did not engage the ones battling over power. Rather, she activated Love and dove into its depths. The power of Love was enough to bring peace and save the world from destruction.

 All things Venus will save the world. That is how astrologer Dale O’Brien put it.

Who is Venus? She is one of the avatars of the Feminine, the goddess of sexual love and beauty and an ancient Earth goddess of fertility and abundance. Across cultures, she is known by many names: Venus, Aphrodite, Het-heru, Astarte, Lilith, Vesta, Oshun, the many names of Shakti, to name only a few. The goddess of erotic love and beauty is also the goddess of abundance, fertility, money, and healing.

We can use this energy in our own time, to bring peace to our inner battles, and effect change in the battles waging in society. Right now, we’ve been given a reminder of our resource of erotic energy available to us.

During this eclipse season, the planet Venus is traveling opposite her position at the time of the June 2012 transit of the Sun, when she activated the solar feminine. The opposition creates a ripple that brings the energy of that transit back to our consciousness. It is no accident that we receive this boost now, when the patriarchy is making its last stand for control.

Remember, because this is sexual energy, it is personal energy, your energy. You can use it to power your life. You don’t use it against the “enemy”. You use if for Life, your Lfe. This unleashes the power that brings peace. When we can all BE this together, the world changes.

Eric Francis wrote in a horoscope a few years ago:
“You are currently standing in a place where your deepest spiritual values are intersecting with your sexual values. This involves healing a split that runs so deep in the human psyche the only thing that could possibly resolve it is a miracle. . . . Honor sex as the cosmic thing it is. Honor the creative force of the universe as expressing itself through living things as a sexual process.”

We are creating this miracle now, when the world needs it. The sexual and the spiritual come together.  (yes to all puns!)

This is why I teach about sexuality. This is why I create Your Sacred Pleasure Map Class, as a first step for people who are hungry to heal this split between the sexual and spiritual, the rift that keeps them hiding behind “fig leaves of shame”, as Adam and Even did when they were cast from the garden for  sexual awareness -- and PLEASURE!

What I stand for is your power to be YOU, letting Divine express through and as YOU.  Remember, Venus effected the salvation of the world by diving into her true Love Nature. This is where your power lives too.

Keep your eyes open for how Venus shows up in your life this coming week. Call upon ALL Things Venus. Ask yourself when conflict or confusion shows up: What would Venus do? How can the power of Love and Pleasure shift things for you?
ALL Things Venus Will Save the World.

Next newsletter, part 2 of the story:  The role of Eros as the creative energy of the Universe. It’s a preview of Sex Magic!

Love Moon, by Carla Sanders

Love Moon, by Carla Sanders

Carla Sanders