Lilith Triple Goddess Part 3

Please read Lilith Triple Goddess part 1 and part 2,  If you have read them, please do read again. I guarantee you will find something new. 

Lilith stands for soul-level integrity, the kind of authenticity that will have you sacrifice rather than compromise. This is powerful. And it has a sharp double edge.

Lilith in the Garden of Eden was Adam's first wife, the ORIGINAL WOMAN. She was created by Divine at the same time as Adam.

She knew who she was. She knew she was worthy. She knew she was EQUAL. She knew she was divine.

When she was ordered to give up her equality and submit to man and God, she left.

Why was leaving her answer? Yes, it speaks to us of soul-level integrity. She would not compromise her truth. We women need that modeled for us. We need to own Lilith's integrity for ourselves.

Yet, She gave up more than her birthright in the Garden. When she left she gave up the option to tell her own story. History is written by the victors.

Lilith became a demon not a goddess. She was supplanted by Eve, a woman that was made from man, with the design that she would be submissive to man, as Lilith would never be.

Through Eve, woman's natural power was usurped and turn to propagating and defending patriarchy. Eve's children survived. (See Part 2.) She taught them that men held the power and women were subject to men. Women derive power through their relationship to men. She taught them that all that Lilith stands for is evil.

We begin to understand how women unconsciously participate in their own suppression, and upholding the patriarchy. It is a self-perpetuating system in that way. (How could 54% of voting white women have voted for Trump? That's how.)

Wait, let's back up a minute.

The story that Lilith left the Garden – is that HER story or patriarchy's story?

In the Center of the Garden stood a Tree whose fruit Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat. This was the called the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

When Eve went to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, who did she meet there?

The Old Testament Bible says she met a serpent, which I learned was Satan, aka The Devil. Many older stories, as well as artists throughout time, depict the serpent who told Eve to eat the fruit as LILITH.

*** What if Lilith never left? ***
What if the tree at the Center of the Garden belonged to her – to the Goddess?

The sacred tree is ancient and universal sign of the Goddess, as is the Serpent. The oldest Sumerian stories of Lilith say she lived in the Goddess Inanna's Sacred Tree.

What if Lilith spoke with the voice of the Goddess, saying to Eve, “There is another way. Remember who you are. Remember who I am.”

This is the story Lilith Crone whispers to us. We carry this story in our cells. It is a truth that speaks to us through all that is feminine in Nature, in our bodies, through our orgasm.

Lilith has a different story to tell than the one passed down by the patriarchy.

It is up to us to remember and tell it.

I'll be back soon to share a video speaking of some of the challenges we overcome as daughters of Eve remembering Lilith.

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Art: Lilith Temple 1 by Carla Sanders

Lilith Temple 1 by Carla Sanders

Lilith Temple 1 by Carla Sanders

Carla Sanders