One year ago I was beginning the grueling process of getting my old farmhouse ready to put on the market. 

I was beginning the hard emotional work of letting go of 24 years of my home, my family, my late husband, my successes, and some broken dreams and failures along the way. 

I didn't know what what coming... whether Charlie and I would stay together, whether I would have the money to live, a home somewhere, or a room in someone's attic. 

(I can get melodramatic when facing big change!)

Now a year later, I can look back on a magical, blessed year!

The house looked great! It sold in 2 months and we were moved out and into a beautiful rental in town in 4 months!

The leave-taking from the land was a months-long ceremony that was so gentle and loving!

One year later, we are packing up to move to our new and I hope forever home at Hoodathunkit Farm, aka The Beavery!

There is a beaver pond with a big dam and multiple lodges. 


Charlie and I have made a commitment to one another that we grew into naturally, organically. It is sealed by the land. 

I say that we are marrying the land, together. 

Already I feel my roots seeking the deep nourishment. 

I feel my branches and leaves expanding to the sky. 

I feel my breath, my heart, and my yoni opening to the Earth --

And to the Divine Guidance present and waiting for me on the land.

We close the purchase on Monday morning, and begin the joyful process of cleaning, clearing the energy, blessing the house, and moving in. 

Packing up the house in town is underway. 

I am blessed! I am joyful! I am tired! 

Moving is unsettling to the system, no matter how joyful and well planned. 

Self-care is a vital nutrient, and pleasure is the most nurturing of self-care... well, second only to sleep. 

Nature is ultimate self-care for me. As an eco-sexual, nature turns me on, and support my orgasm. 

Nature = Pleasure!

That deserves its own article. 

I offer you the beauty of this gorgeous, fragrant weeping cherry tree in the corner of my new garden. 

If only I could send the smell!

Carla Sanders