Pleasure: Orange on Orange Risotto


My friend Bill is a sensual master. He gave me this recipe for Orange on Orange Risotto, once upon a time. I made it and served in a silver platter. Even though I no longer eat risotto, I want to remember this recipe, and I remember my friend Bill.


Here is Bill's recipe:

Ok. It doesn't take a month to do it.

Try in the worst mood, to take love in your arms, and see if the butter melts.

Then sauté julienne carrots, add water, after a good moment when the juice is wet pour risotto, enough to be dry again, pat it down where it matters, add water and stir successively throwing your mind into the odor of love.

Drink white wine, salt the mindplay and liberally throw some vine to the gods, -in the play too.

After a while in pure ecstasy, add pre-baked slices of sweets, orange on orange, potaToes, suck them if you dare, off the heat.

Cover, let the juice fondle. Light the candles, more wine sips, and music.

Who cares what it tastes like, it'll be heaven.

Oh woman, I forgot to mention--I poured olive oil, fragrant extra virgin, to the blend--what is love without fairly spreading lubrication??

Then when served, the freshest herbal savory and cheese, parmesano, and mmmmm delight.

PleasureCarla Sanders