Expand Your Capacity for Bliss


In her introduction to Women Rowing North , Mary Pipher writes:

“We find ourselves in an environment that pelts us with more challenges than our current self can manage. If we don't grow bigger, we can become bitter. When our problems become too big for us our healthiest response is to expand our capacities . . . We become deeper, kinder to ourselves and others, and grow more capable of bliss.”

When I read these words, it dawned on me: This is what I do!

Womb Wisdom, orgasmic alchemy, sexual healing – that is how a woman expands her capacity for all experience, especially bliss, joy, and power.

Boil it down to three steps:

1. Heal old wounds and cleanse the scars, energetic dust bunnies, armor, and sludge that remain. This includes releasing and changing the old survival patterns that we adopted as young children trying to make sense of the world.

2. Choose new beliefs and learn new skills to expand our capacity to meet the challenge and become more resilient – and practice them!

3. Devote yourself to being more orgasmic -- sexually, yes, as well as increasing the amount of time and all the ways you can feel good every day – including pleasure, joy, and bliss. 

What is bliss?

I believe bliss is where sensual pleasure meets soul-deep awareness of truth. 

Increasing capacity for bliss is a journey both deep and high.

Joseph Campbell says The Bliss Path is the Deep Path.

Michael Mead says You can only go as high into spirit as you are willing to dive deep into Soul.

Womb Wisdom is women's natural gift of diving deep while stretching high. 

Womb Wisdom knows how to find, even create, bliss in every circumstance of life.

Your womb is your bridge between Earth and the Cosmos. 

Your womb is vast enough to carry everything while being totally, authentically, and completely yourself.

Life – the world as we know it – calls you to experience leadership by expanding your capacity for bliss, wisdom, and pleasure.

That is life's natural state. It is how we heal, and how we create.

Have you forgotten?

How do YOU increase your capacity for bliss?

Double Bliss Moon by Carla Sanders

Double Bliss Moon by Carla Sanders


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