The World Will Die without our Divine Feminine Power

This weekend at Healing the Wounds of Turtle Island, I was reminded of our power as women.

I was reminded of our suffering, too.

The elder men teachers reminded me, because they affirmed over and over that men's work is the protection of women while we are working our magic, making life, making medicine.

They spoke of the men in a circle around the women, like this picture I painted.

Cone of Power by Carla Sanders

Cone of Power by Carla Sanders

Men do not protect women because we are helpless. The true warrior protects us because we are powerful and necessary.

Where are these men, you ask? We will know them when we have healed ourselves.

This weekend, I was also reminded that women hate ourselves, and often hate each other, because the feminine is treated as a commodity under patriarchy.

Our bodies, our sexuality, our wombs – all treated like possessions to be used and controlled by the dominator establishment. They teach us how to feel about ourselves, how to treat ourselves, and how to hate ourselves

— because hating ourselves dims our power.

THEY FEAR OUR POWER, and we fear our power too.

Two things we women have to do now, and we have no time to waste:

LOVE OURSELVES: a necessary step is to heal our shame and trauma we carry about our sexuality, our bodies, and our pleasure. Embrace the healing power of pleasure and LOVE LOVE LOVE ourselves.

LOVE EACH OTHER: We are all womb sistars, and we have to learn what that means. Individually and together we have to remember how to embrace the power of our wombs. Learn how to work with the energy and keep it clear and strong.

The world will die without our DIVINE Feminine power.

Women Must Heal Now. The healing does not happen in isolation. Neither does the power.

We join together in Circle to rise together.

Through the healing I received for myself, I am given the gift and honor to become a guide and way-shower for you.

Do you want to heal your old wounds, share your gifts bountifully, and increase your capacity for pleasure and bliss?

Do you feel the call of your womb to reclaim your Sovereignty?

Are you called to be a teacher and mentor for other women?

YES! Then contact me for a conversation about Womb Wisdom Initiation.

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Carla Sanders