A Manifesting Lesson from Biscuits

Last week I taught Facebook how to make biscuits. 
I made biscuits on a Facebook live video! 
It was the most fun I've had in front of a video camera in my entire life! 

Watch the Video here!

Manifesting Lessons from Biscuits

This simple inspired action turned out to be so rich in rewards and lessons. 

Reading through the comments, I was gratified by how much pleasure people got from a real life, messy elbows cooking lesson!

From me showing up real and raw and covered in flour. 

Viewers thanked me for teaching them a simple skill that took them back to their childhood, and memories of mamas and grandmamas long gone. 

One of my son's friends learned to make biscuits from me when she was in high school, and let me know it's her favorite recipe!

The lady who lived up the road from me when I was growing up on the farm in Tennessee commented with her remembrance of me as a little girl. 

The comments are full of my own personal history. 

Later that evening in my group, Womb Wisdom Portal, someone asked me about Orgasmic Manifestation, something I teach about in my work. 

I shared a "recipe" for manifesting and realized, it is as simple as the biscuit recipe.

Cooking is a good analogy for manifesting. Think about it: 

1. You start with an appetite! A desire. A hunger. 

2. You have a picture of what you want to make. A mouth-watering colorful picture is best. Aromas and flavors and memories of eating a dish add to the pleasure and anticipation. 

3. You assemble the ingredients. You may have to take a lot of action, like shopping, chopping, and lots of skillful preparation. 

4. Or the recipe could be super simple, like the biscuit recipe. 

5. Even so, it takes action, some skill, some practice to manifest biscuits from flour, milk, butter, and heat! (Watch the video to learn the secret tips!)

After a lifetime of making biscuits, I don't need a recipe or even measuring cups. I just do it. 

Manifesting is like that too. 

The simpler and more straight-forward your desire, the easier to manifest it into your experience. 

The clearer your vision, the easier to manifest. 

The more complicated and big and outside your everyday experience your desire, the longer manifestation may take. 

You may have more resistance to doing the necessary actions,
or believing in the truth that it's here,
or knowing that you deserve to have it, 
or you may need to learn and practice new skills to bring it
or, or, or... 

And yet, you most certainly can do it all, and have it all, and with diligence, passion, determination, and persistence, you can manifest anything! 

Keep that mouth-watering vision of the finished recipe in your mind the whole time. 

The most important thing is to not worry about what people think, what it looks like to others, and HAVE FUN with the process. 

Just like I did in the biscuit video. 

I hope you enjoy this tasty buttery lesson in manifesting. 


Send me your question about biscuit baking, manifesting, or my other specialty: Sex, Wealth, and Voice! 

Carla Sanders