Orgasmic Evolution - It's Your Turn Now


It isn't that you are taking too long. You aren't taking long enough!

When I teach women about orgasm and sexual empowerment, this is their biggest epiphany!

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How many of us have tasted the excruciating shame and embarrassment of feeling like we'll never reach orgasm. The so-not-sexy mind-chatter that runs like:

“I'm taking too long it won't ever happen he must be getting so bored hell I am getting bored there must be something wrong with me I'm such a failure let's get it over with.” Boom.

Then comes revelation! The female erotic body is designed for a slow build-up of sensual, expansive, spiritual, and evolutionary orgasm. We are designed to take our time.

The erotic fills us up from the inside. We become full with our Self, with what is already inside us.

I remember the first time I received sacred spot orgasm. I felt as if all the separate threads and loose ends of myself were knit together into a whole for the first time. I kept saying “ I feel so completely myself!” I felt like a miracle.

And truth told, it felt a little scary to be so completely myself, and so wonderful, and so miraculous.

Who am I when I am completely myself?

This is the question of life, of purpose, of initiation.

Who are you when you are completely yourself?

Answering this question is an urgent matter. We are each here to bring our gifts, our love, and our wholeness to life. We are each a miracle.

You are necessary.

Your number 1 responsibility is to do whatever it takes to remember that you matter, your gifts are needed, and you must live your purpose.

Evolutionary orgasm serves you in so many ways:
It reminds you to be completely yourself.

It replenishes your well of life force so you can keep living, growing, giving with a full cup.

It stokes your inner fire and sources your power.

It gives you access to your inner truth and knowing.

It feeds you with pleasure and intimacy with your Self.

In this goal-focused, driven culture, let your own sensual body remind you to slow down and balance action with being.

Replace distraction with presence.

Have the courage to be completely your Self.

Now that you've read this far, you may be wondering when you'll get yours. When is it your turn to have the amazing orgasms, relationship, fulfilling career or business, the time to be YOURSELF.

Spoiler Alert: NOW is your turn!

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Carla Sanders