What does SEX have to do with Sovereignty?


Sexuality is my area of expertise. It has been the center of my own personal growth, healing and reclaiming of my power.

The control of sex is a primary tool – weapon – of patriarchy. This looks like:

Control of women's bodies. Of reproduction and children. Of health care. Of choices women can make about children and the choices that are influence by the choice for motherhood... or not.

Control of laws and ideas about what sex is, and who it is for.

Sex as evil and sin, women as evil and sinful.

Positioning women as the cause of men's lust and downfall, encoded in religious beliefs, and in the idea that women ask for rape, or must cover themselves to protect men from lust.

Control of information about sex including:

Women's anatomy and pleasure.

Reproductive information and medical information like birth control.

Turning women's healthcare — from birth control to hysterectomy and mastectomy to birth itself — into a profit center.

Slut shaming.

And ignorance on the multidimensional sacred power of our sexual energy.

This is where I come in. I was fortunate to meet a priestess of sacred sexuality when I was ready to receive healing. So I had a comprehensive education in sacred, sexual, and erotic energy.

At the full moon I asked the Cosmic Crone for a message, and she said:
”Teach sexuality again.”

In order to have sovereignty over life, a woman must have control over her own sexuality.

She MUST have:
Information about pleasure and how her body works.
Knowledge that she is the sole and complete owner of her own body.

Choices around birth control and all aspects of reproductive health.

Knowing that her sex belongs to her, not to a relationship, a man, a partner of any gender, or god.

Knowing her sexuality is her inner power, orgasm is her connection to heaven and earth. Her womb is an oracle, and so is her pussy, and

Orgasm and sexuality are jewels of expansion, creation, and higher consciousness.

This is what I teach.

There is no Sovereignty, small s or big S without full knowledge awareness and practice of your own sexuality.

Reclaimed from patriarchy.

Shame and silence reclaimed by Divine Feminine Pleasure and Power.

How do you start.?

With a conversation.

Contact me now.

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Carla Sanders