You aren't taking long enough!


In yesterday's blog post, I shared the liberating news that women are designed for slow sex, and it changes everything for them.

not taking long enough.png

This will change your business too.

The idea that you are “not taking long enough” to build your business or meet your goals flies against the instant gratification that seems rampant in your Facebook feed.

It flies in the face of wanting results NOW.

And you may have been working on your business for years and you are fucking ready for your results to COME already!

You could be feeling so much tension, wanting, expectation, NEED, and you may be feeling a an urgency to prove yourself. To prove that you are good enough, and not broken.

All that striving pushes your results further away.

Despair, exhaustion. Retreating to lick your wounds, and gather strength for the next assault on your dreams.

Because you never give up. Desire doesn't lie.

Break this cycle of striving, disappointment, and retreat.

Take a business lesson from your feminine erotic design.

  1. Trust that you can have what you want – it is part of who you are.

  2. Set up the environment to support you. (In lovemaking, it may be soft light, fragrance, sensual foods, music, uninterrupted time, privacy, physical energy. What would it be in your business?)

  3. Stay engaged and present. Show up for yourself. Don't quit on yourself.

  4. Know yourself. Do what feels good to you. Do what feels right to you. You are not like everyone else, AND

  5. Be willing to try out new things. Be curious, be adventurous. Play, stretch, find your edge.

  6. Include pauses. This is “anti-hustle.” Why? Just as your erotic body needs relaxation pauses to become fully engorged and receptive, you need to create space in your business to re-align your vision, elevate your vibration, and make space to receive.

  7. Stay with the process through the chaos – that edge of intensity that is so easy to judge as failure. It is really the moment right before success!

It is that moment when you are suddenly afraid of who you will be when it happens, and everything changes. Yes! It is a thing to fear getting your desire. Sabotage becomes a risk.

This is where you re-affirm Trust. Believe. You are made for this.

This is how you become completely yourself. This is how you live on purpose. This is fulfillment.

This is where you cease striving and straining and practice the sacred art of surrender.

You can anticipate that it will take practice to get the results you want in a sustainable way.

Practicing conscious and evolutionary orgasm teaches you to embody this truth. You are now equipped to show up in your business – your mission – from a place of wholeness, commitment, patience, and presence.

It takes the time it takes. Time is not a real thing anyway.

The process is pleasure. The process is evolutionary.

The rewards are timeless.

Your results are coming.

Want to talk more about how you can activate the Divine Power of your Sexuality?

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Carla Sanders