Why You Need the Cosmic Orgasm


The Goddess Vesta is an archetype of two apparently contradictory energies: your spiritual calling and your inner erotic fire.

These are only contradictory in modern times. Our ancestors knew that there is no separation between our erotic being and our spiritual being.

The essence that Divine calls forth in each person, that hunger for union with spirit, that sense of purpose that inspires us to service, is fed by the inner flame. This flame is erotic, an expression of Desire. I call it Divine Longing.

inner fire.png

When this flame ignites and opens up space within us, merging physical body and higher consciousness, we know this as orgasm.

Orgasm is a spiritual experience. It is the electric, magnetic, combustible union of physical and spiritual. It is what we feel at the instant of their meeting.


Science teaches us about brain chemistry, neurotransmitters and hormones. We have learned to measure physical effects of all kinds of molecules that make our physical body tick, including the ones stirred up by orgasm.

Bio chemistry aside...

What really happens in orgasm is a knitting together of the fractured self.

What is glimpsed is the true nature of Self, which is Divine.

What is felt is that union of Oneness, that we can only know because we live in duality.

The body takes on the dimensions of the cosmos, and the Soul enlarges to inhabit this expanding Universe that is YOU.

We are designed to have this experience on a regular basis. 

When we are not fed this vast orgasmic experience frequently, the result is a long slow starvation of the soul and the body.

Cravings set in, and the need to numb those cravings leads to addiction – to food, alcohol, drugs, work, distraction, attention, even sex. Some of these mimic the effect of orgasm in our brains, though often with harmful side effects. 

I have not heard of any harmful side effects of orgasm.

The spiritual being that you are – and the erotic flame that keeps you alive and inspired – must be fed the essential experience of orgasm.

Not just physically focused, nerves firing, muscles contracting orgasm. You need Cosmic Orgasm.

Your body has a portal to that cosmic orgasm. It is your sacred spot, your goddess or god spot. In women it is an area in your vagina, and in men it is an area on your prostate gland.

Demonizing sexual pleasure, pathologizing normal body processes, and limiting information on sexuality and our bodies have stuffed sex in a tiny closet, locked the door, and thrown away the key. We are ignorant of what erotic means, and shamed by our natural and sacred feelings.

With the introduction of Tantra and Taoist erotic traditions to the west, we are remembering the truth of our sexuality – that it is vast, sacred, and natural. It is about so much more than reproduction.

It is time to come home to discover who we are and how powerful we are when we are fed the highest frequency orgasmic energy like this.

Cosmic orgasm is a conduit to Divine, to inspiration, to intuition, to spiritual knowledge.

It is the orgasm of the Crone, the Wise Woman, the initiatrix, the healer, the leader.

Do you feel the call to step onto the healing path of the Cosmic Orgasm?

Reach out to me and request a conversation. We can explore how to bring your body, mind, spirit, and purpose into orgasmic alignment.

Carla Sanders